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The State of New Home Construction

newhomeconstructionAccording to the National Association of Home builders (NAHB) Construction Cost Survey, the average square footage of a new single-family home in 2017 was 2,777 square feet. Another often-cited source for average home data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau. Due to significant differences in sample sizes, there is also a difference in statistics. U.S. [...]Read More

What to Expect With Your Home Inspection

homeinspectionSo you made an offer, it was accepted, and now your next task is to have the home inspected prior to closing. Oftentimes, agents make your offer contingent on a clean home inspection. This contingency allows you to renegotiate the price you paid for the home, ask the sellers to cover repairs, or even, in [...]Read More

Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

readytobuyQuestion: I am tired of paying rent and thinking about buying a home, but I’m worried about the added cost and responsibility. How do I know if I am ready?—Kate The transition from renter to homebuyer is a big one. Owning your own home gives you assurance that your monthly housing costs will never go [...]Read More

Lack of Workers Means Builders Can’t Keep Up With Demand

lackofworkerBuilders have addressed their inability to keep up with demand for new homes, saying there simply aren’t enough workers to build them. Building firms point out there are around 250,000 unfilled construction jobs in the U.S. today, including positions for home framers, electricians, masons, carpenters and others. This shortage of workers means that new home [...]Read More

10 Most Desired Tiny Homes

tinyhomeAs the housing market gets more and more competitive, prospective home buyers seeking affordable housing are having to make sacrifices. For some, it means cutting square footage and embracing a more minimalist lifestyle. The tiny home trend emerged in 2008 when the subprime mortgage crisis took hold and many homeowners were forced to downsize. Since [...]Read More

2 Things to Get the Most Out of Your Home Sale

homesaleEvery homeowner wants to make sure they maximize their financial reward when selling their home. But how do you guarantee that you receive the maximum value for your house? Here are two keys to ensure that you get the highest price possible. 1. Price it a LITTLE LOW This may seem counterintuitive, but let’s look [...]Read More

Will Driverless Cars Affect How Far from Work You Are Willing to Move?

driverlesscarDriverless cars have long been consigned to the realm of science fiction, but that idea is changing rapidly as the technology slowly becomes a reality. Driverless cars are likely to hit the roads in a big way within the next decade or so, according to many experts, and that could have a big impact on [...]Read More

Could an Escalation Clause Help You Get a Better Deal?

escalationclauseHome buyers locked in heated bidding wars are increasingly turning to escalation clauses to keep their offers in play, The Wall Street Journal reports. Escalation clauses are addendums to real estate contracts in which a prospective buyer is able to submit an offer but then raise his or her offer in increments to a maximum [...]Read More

How the New Tax Bill Will Affect Homeowners

taxbillRepublicans on Friday unveiled the final version of their tax bill, and it has new restrictions for some homeowners. Senate and House Republicans have reconciled their versions of tax legislation and the final plan shrinks some popular deductions. Lawmakers aim to vote on the bill next week and then send it to President Trump’s desk. [...]Read More

Essential Apps for Your Home Search

appsHomebuyers are increasingly relying on mobile applications to help with their property search. A recent National Association of Realtors survey found that 68 percent of those searching for a home use mobile apps to help with that, and a quick look at our list of favorite apps helps us to understand why that’s the case: [...]Read More